How National Missionaries Help in Empowering Rural Asian People?

Asia is a land of many under developed and developed countries which looks for funding and empowerment, especially rural areas. With constant help from government and NGOs, people in rural areas are getting help for empowerment. To bring more prosperity and give helping hand, Gospel for Asia, offers missionary for the upliftment of rural areas of the country. They are involved in spreading love through the teaching of Jesus.


Missionary agencies in home field have learned the advantage of teachings through foreign fields. It is witnessed that many of the social progress efforts fail because of the lack of clear statement and objectives from the missionaries. Gospel works with certain objectives of aiding with education and spreading Jesus love. Some of the other work includes:

  • Strengthen the weaker section of the rural areas through the church work to create harmony and principles.
  • Increasing the effectiveness of the empowerment service through the help of government and independent bodies. This is also done with the sympathy with sympathy with rural life and its improvement.
  • Providing more and more medical assistance to poor areas. This includes serving in leprosy colonies and help windows in time of crises. This also includes assigning of pastoral care to every rural family.

The main aim of the missionary is to offer in-depth solution and helping hand to poor and not reachable rural areas of Asia. For the past 30yrs, they have been working hard to reach people of Asia.

General information about Gospel service for Asia:

As mentioned above, the Gospel works with the aim of providing aid to effected people in Asia, rural area. Below are the pointers showcasing the kind work by the NGO:

  • Serving humanity by caring homeless and disaster victims.
  • Serving as helping hand for children in need of education
  • Offering missionary work for the rural people of China, Nepal, India, UK, US, Germany and Sri Lanka.
  • No political involvement in building up this missionary

The NGO believes in certain thoughts that make it worth as the missionary:

  • Rich nations should not exploit the poor
  • Christ believes in loving neighbours
  • Religious fanaticism is causing damage to humanity
  • Word of God is the final authority of faith and conduct

Based in Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, this primary objective of the organisation is to share Good News of Jesus Christ. It supports 50 Bible colleges in various countries. With its continuous good work, scholars are writing positive reviews. Michael Bergunder, well-known scholar writers, GFA is the most influential missionary in 20th century.

It invited people and messenger of God to work with the missionary and to reach the lost world with the love of Christ.

Gospel is also working the empowerment of women in Asia by helping them to overcome the suppression from culture which needs to be abolished.

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