How to Correctly – and Easily – Unpack and Settle in when You Move to a New Home

Let’s admit: with so much time and effort spent packing your items for a move, it can be easy to neglect or overlook the activity of unpacking (and settling in) once you are in your new location. And this is how boxes and bags end up being stored for months in the loft or cellar. But the process of unpacking need not be difficult if it is organised well.

On the day of your move

On the actual day of your move, if you have hired a removals firm, you can tell the staff where to place particular boxes and items. Just make sure you have your boxes labelled properly, of course. Boxes with kitchen items can be placed in the kitchen, whilst boxes with bedroom items can be placed in the bedroom. It will be easier to unpack those items since they are already in the room where they will be used.

Unpack essentials first

The process of unpacking can be said to be reverse packing – so it follows that the items you have packed first should be unpacked last. That being said, essential items you have packed last such as linen, clothing, and basic kitchen equipment should be unpacked first. Also, the items for the rooms you use the most should be prioritised. This would include rooms such as the bathroom, kitchen, and bedroom. For most, the kitchen is the most used (and most important room) in the home, simply because this is where you prepare food and drinks. To make it easier, unpack your kitchen essentials first – you’re bound to be hungry after a day of moving, after all.

Settling in

Whilst unpacking your belongings, you also need to give yourself time to settle in. How can make you make settling in easier and quicker? First, take care of the administrative tasks. Register with a medical professional when you move in. Make sure the transfer of services and utilities (such as telephone providers and the like) are going according to schedule. Make your home more accommodating by adding a few simple yet decorative and comfortable touches, such as cushions and pillows, candles, and photographs.

What you need to remember

You also need to remember that unpacking all your belongings will take time. It can’t be done in a matter of days, especially if you have a lot of goods. Being aware of this from the start will serve to reduce pressure on you and make the process less frantic. What you can do, as expert removal services like suggest, is set a deadline for unpacking – a few weeks should do the trick. Of course, in the end, it will depend on your situation and free time, but if you give yourself a few weeks to a month to finish unpacking, you will feel better in the end.

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