How to Properly Understand Football Statistics and Make it Work for Your Bets

If you’re a football fan and understand the game, then you’re halfway there to making your dreams come true when it comes to earning some money in football betting. However, halfway there is not good enough; you need to understand the underlying mechanics of strategy and tactics – and for this, you need to have a good comprehension of statistics and how it can help you.

It gives you a great advantage and knowledge of the dynamics – and that gives you a great edge. (And if you want to have an even greater edge, you should do a search online to find data driven betting tips – this will certainly help you go far).

That being said, there’s something magical about the probabilities and the science of numbers; something wonderful happens when you can quantify certain events, group them into statistical data, and know how to interpret the numbers right. Ever wonder how the experts do it? Here’s how to properly understand football statistics and make it work for your bets.

Going head to head

This is the simplest way of reviewing statistics. In essence, it gives you a good idea of how one team (or one player) has performed against another in the past. It’s a key statistic because it gives you an idea of how they stand against each other. It’s commonly used in Fantasy Sports because it provides that man-to-man (or woman-to-woman) estimate

The form guide

This is a contested statistic. Some people pay a lot of attention to it, while others don’t find it reliable. Basically, it gives a sense of how well the player has performed lately, and what kind of form you can expect the player to be in at the next match or game.

Understanding the odds

This should not come as news, but it’s worth being mentioned anyway – every player has several accounts with different bookies, because different bookies often give different odds. It’s important you understand those odds so that you can find the bookie that is most favorable to you.

Home and away

Is there a difference when a team is playing home or playing away, at someone else’s field? Absolutely. Understanding how the statistics differ when a team is playing home or away will let you make much better decisions.

Goal statistics

If team A wins against team B with a difference of 4 goals and team C wins against the same with only 1 goal difference – does it make a difference? Of course it does!

One more thing should be mentioned; it’s the over under betting data. It’s relatively new but it’s becoming more and more popular and hence, more and more important. In essence, you’re betting whether or not a certain team or player will score under or over a set amount of goals. Again, it’s all about statistics and understanding the probabilities.

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