How Your Hobby Can Become Your Career

The jobs industry has changed dramatically in the last 50 years, the options for many used to be far more limited than they are now but thanks to the digital age there is a far wider range of jobs and careers available to you. The traditional Mon-Fri, 9-5 has disappeared and one can find a job in huge variety of sectors now.

Finding a career that you love can be difficult, there are far too many people languishing in jobs that they don’t like, never wanted and dread going to when Monday morning rolls around again. It is important therefore that you decide upon a career that you are going to enjoy, perhaps not every day, but a job where you’ll be happy enough to get up and go to every morning. On such way of doing so is by turning your hobby into a job and here are some examples of how to do it.


There are many skilled singers, songwriters and musicians out there who simply pass off their abilities as nothing more than a hobby or something they do in their spare time. There is however, a great many opportunities when these skills can be put to work and used as a career as a musician. There is a wide misconception that writing a song which finds its way onto the radio is the only way to find success in the industry but this couldn’t be farther from the truth. Tom Hess guitar player, touring musician and former member of the metal group Rhapsody of Fire, stated recently that in fact, to be a musician you simply need hard work, raw talent and a little bit of luck.


Even though you may consider your stamp collection or your passion for collecting Star Wars memorabilia as something which you just do in your spare time, you can in fact make money from these hobbies. The internet has created the biggest community on the planet and brought with it lots of options for people like you to make money from your hobbies. This could be things like buying and selling online or creating your own blog and vlog to share your passion with like minded people. You could start off making some money on the side and turn this passion into a career that pays you for your passions.

Get Arty

When it comes to having a hobby such as making or creating things whether it be crafts, cookery or even painting, you can turn this into a successful career using the internet. It has become so easy to open up a shop on the internet with sites such as Amazon, Etsy and eBay and you have access to a huge audience to sell your stuff to. The best part about this is that there is little risk involved for you, no rent or employees to pay, simply create something beautiful and memorable and put your work out there for the World to see.

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