Is YouTube the New Face of Boxing?

Over the past decade, content creation has been vital in the rise and fall of many popular interests from the growth of sporting options with the likes of esports which has seen tremendous growth with numbers that have either surpassed or rivalled the worlds biggest sports to even the growth seen recently in gaming genres that have typically remained a little more obscure as this admiral casino review has found a huge benefit from the growing number of content creators experiencing the play options – it comes as no surprise then that these same content creators can be responsible for the huge successes found in traditional sporting, with the latest being boxing. With the changing sport introducing big YouTube stars to the sport recently, is it the new face of boxing?

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Super fights always have, and always will be a part of the sport – Combat sports will always succumb to the money-making tactics that a super fight brings, when a retired undefeated boxer can bring in a reported $100 million for a short days’ work without the risk of a lifelong career, they’ll obviously take the opportunity, and when a successful YouTuber can make a reported $20 million for the same, then it’ll certainly be something that continues to happen too. Whether the super fights include YouTube stars or stars from other sports, this will certainly be a continued part of boxing.

Long gaps between big fights leave the door open – There are only so many huge title fights that can happen in a short period of time, and when champs often take over six months and sometimes longer than a year to schedule the next fight it’s no surprise that fans yearn something a little different and that’s what the content creators from YouTube and other sports bring – with a fanbase that may not typically be interested in boxing too, it does help to prop up the viewer numbers somewhat.

Poor fights may signal a change though – This past weekend saw Logan Paul fight Floyd Mayweather in something that was ultimately lacklustre and even had the fight end in boos from the crowd particularly because of the set-up not having any judging and only crowning a winner based on a knockout led to a bit of a disappointing finish for fans. Performances like this will only distance fans from wanting to watch future events and from the interest once more. With upcoming fights scheduled like Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley, a crossover of two combat sports, but interest still not being all that high other than those simply hoping for an explosive end to the fight, it has already shown that there’s some waning interest now that a few fights have been seen.

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