It’s Official – 6 Pieces Of Clothing Every Women Needs In Her Work Wardrobe

Work wardrobes can be a bit of a nuisance. On the one hand, they need to be rather large, because you choose your clothes from them for 5 of the 7 days of the week. But, on the other hand, they’re really boring. No bright colours. No fun hemlines. Who wants to throw their money away on dowdy clothes they don’t like?

The answer to this conundrum is to invest in a few key pieces for your work wardrobe. A few pieces that are timeless, and can be worn a few times a week without any of your co-workers raising an eyebrow. Here are 6 items of clothing that do just that:

The Black Blazer

Simple and elegant, but powerful, the black blazer is a must-have for any woman’s corporate closet. Invest in a style that flatters you. This means trying on a few, each with different lapels, collars, shoulder pads etc. The line of the jacket down the waist and through to the hips is also really important for women. If you’re an hour glass figure, you ideally want the blazer to taper in slightly around this region, to enhance your curves and prevent you from looking too boxy.

The Pencil Skirt

The excellent thing about skirts is that no-one pays attention to them. If you just invest in one simple pencil skirt, you can then dress it up with different blouses and easily wear it three days a week. Colours to look out for are the classic black, deep navy or grey tweed, as these styles will match most blouse colours. Just be sure to keep an eye on the length. Nothing says ‘summer intern’ quite like a pencil skirt that’s sitting way above the knee; just below the knee is quite a flattering cut, and it’s – more importantly – appropriate for the boardroom.

The White Collared Shirt

Perfect for the warmer months, a simple white, collared, short-sleeved shirt is a versatile piece that is perfect for the workplace. Look for breathable fabrics (cotton) and simple designs (minimal ruching) that will last you a few years without going out of style.

The Women’s Pant

Pants can be tricky to purchase for the office. Skinny leg styles are generally considered to be inappropriate, while wide-legged, loose, styles can generate the same effect. When buying a pair of office pants, it’s important to consider how you would wear them. If you want to be able to tuck in your blouse, a high waisted wide legged pair of trousers can look chic, particularly on those with a tall, slim build. If you’d prefer to wear your blouse out, opt for a style closer to a bootleg jean cut, or a straight leg style.

The Black Flat

For walking around the office as well as navigating the city pavement looking for office space for lease, a pair of nice, black, flat shoes is definitely in order. Invest in these, because cheap flat shoes tend to fall apart quickly. Look for a design with minimal embellishments that fall out of style (tassels and crystals spring to mind).

The Black Pump

While your flats might be great for walking around the office, every corporate lady needs a trusty pair of pumps for meetings and functions. Aim for a heel of around 8-10cm, for a shoe that says ‘fierce’ without making you look like you’re going clubbing straight after work.

Lucy Ward is a girl who is desperately trying to climb up the corporate ladder. When she’s not slaving away from 9-5, she’s looking for office space for lease so that she can start a business venture of her own.

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