If you’re one of those individuals who’s constantly fighting a ravaging battle with yourself about how much buying and stocking up is rational enough in proportion to your routine budget, then you know just how challenging it can be to save up during phases of financial tightness – especially after you pass by seeing a pair of elegant stilettos at the display of any accessory retailer!

While most of us usually associate this compulsive attitude as merely a means of not inflicting a sufficient amount of suppression within ourselves, I beg to differ! What with all that latest buzz being publicized on a real-time basis both online as well as offline, chances are that our definitive personas of obsessive shopping isn’t solely due to lack of self-control.

Yes, a variety of enterprises, both renowned and otherwise have now resorted to targeting their potential customers on an intensely subconscious note! Referred to as sensory marketing by the experts, this is one radically unique niche that is correlated to the art of successfully selling out a product or service – without ever feeling the sensation of being passively manipulated!

If you think that direct marketing stradas (regular online subscriptions that distribute item catalogues, preferably with QR codes via e-mail) is all the rage as of now, think again, for the engagement of all five human senses for the prime purpose of generating beyond-average turnovers is a technique that not merely requires extensive skill, but also an unmatched ability to think innovatively.

Scientific research avenues have concluded that pheromones (a complex range of chemicals that are secreted into the bloodstream and then released by the human body via excretory pathways) are the ultimate reason as to how we are seamlessly attracted to our partners and as to how infants are able to recognize their biological mothers. These substances are sensed by the vomeronasal organ that is located at the bridge of the nose.

So you see, enterprise owners are obviously making the most lucrative use of facts related to this genre of sensing to yield praiseworthy results in terms of revenue generation! From beauty brands presenting their latest fragrances in the form of a ‘rubbing and sniffing’ option in order to lure in a wider clientele base, certain airlines have been spraying specialized forms of esters in and around their flight cabins (including over their flight attendants!) to evoke a feeling of home amongst their passengers, with the assurance that they’re instinctively bound to fly with them again in the near future.

If one is to delve into this particular topic, even deeply, the signature question of how is one which has gotten many a budding businessman/businesswoman curious enough to cause sleepless nights! The secret to maintaining the technical tactics that are involved during trials of development and mass production is the ability for any franchiser to exactly determine what the product is and which senses out of the flagship five are essential for mainstream promotion, beforehand – extreme efforts to heighten the stimuli for all isn’t the most sensible option, for it could create overpowering hype for your commodity.

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