Lloyd Claycomb II – How to Rise To The Position of CEO

If you have a passion for business and one day hope to emulate the success of people like Lloyd Claycomb II and Richard Branson and take up the role of chief executive officer then you have a tough road ahead of you. Whilst it is highly difficult to find yourself in the role of CEO, this is not to say that it is impossible, it should be noted however that you are going to have to be exceptional in terms of how you conduct yourself throughout your career. If this is something that you are aiming for then here s how to go about it.

Start on Day One

You need to at like the CEO of the business on the very first day that you start with the company, do so with an air of humility but in your head, you should already be thinking how you would change the company and run things if you were in charge. People need to know form the moment that they meet you, exactly what kind of career it is that you are looking to get out of your time with the company.

Take Responsibility

You should be looking to take every opportunity to pick up a role which requires any level of responsibility. Once you are given a position which requires you to be responsible, you must deliver to a high standard in order to be considered as someone who can be trusted with responsibility.

Deliver Results

In order to keep any hopes alive that you may have of one day becoming the CEO, you need to create proven track record of results. This means that whatever the job, task or challenge, you need to be delivering big result on a consistent basis.


Remember that the chief executive officer is voted in by the board of directors and if you are hoping to ever rise to such a lofty position, you will need to be able to network with aplomb and create relationships with all levels both inside your company and throughout the world of business. You never know when you will need a friend on your rise to the top and if you can create, maintain and build strong and loyal relationships then you will be in good stead to call in a favor when it is required.

Hard Work

At the very root of becoming a CEO needs to be an unshakable work ethic from the day that you start the job to the moment that you reach the top of the career ladder. You should be the first though the door and the last one out, the most driven person in the office and the one who is demanding the most from their colleagues. This kind of commitment will always be noticed and if you can combine it with the tasks listed above then you will put yourself in a position as a prime candidate for CEO.

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