Looking after your skin when you suffer from allergies

For those who suffer from hay fever or house dust mite allergies, or any other allergy, the symptoms that present themselves during a reaction can be difficult to manage, not to mention infuriating. From itchy, red and runny eyes to either blocked or running noses and coughs and wheezes; allergies are never an easily manageable foe.

For some, however, the reactions bring a higher penalty, which is a skin reaction such as eczema or others. This can be caused by allergens such as pollen or house dust mites but also from the products that we use every day such as shower gel, shampoo, hair dye or moisturisers.

Wait, moisturiser?

Sadly, yes. Some moisturiser products contain chemicals and perfumes which can actually cause a reaction and subsequent irritation. This can lead to dry, itchy skin, blotches or in extreme cases swelling.

How then are we supposed to take care of ourselves and to use daily products like makeup if we have a reaction, you might ask. For the worst affected, there simply is no answer to this other than to avoid products. There are, of course, treatments which might help but these in conjunction with irritants may not be entirely successful.

But what if I want to wear makeup?

For those with milder allergies, there are product ranges available which provide the coverage that you would like with makeup but without the chemicals and allergens that many fashion or high street brands use. There are also mild or chemical free products for our daily cleansing routines too, from shampoos and shower gels to makeup cleansers and toners for our faces.

Using these products does not guarantee that you won’t have a reaction, and you should always test your skin’s reaction before covering your face, for example, but they do go some way to helping you redress the balance when it comes to the war against allergy suffering.

What about other products to help my allergies?

There are, of course, a number of other products available which may help to keep your allergies at arm’s length in the first place. You can, for example, buy air filters or purifiers for your home which remove some of the pollen or dust mite waste from the air. You can even buy nasal filters, small plastic filters that clip into your nose and prevent the pollen getting into your nasal passages and causing the dreaded reaction.

The truth is, there is no sure-fire way to prevent or really control and allergic reaction of this type. You can treat it with antihistamines or steroids (always consult a medical professional first, of course), you can cover it with kind makeup and related products, or you can block them with nasal filters, air purifiers or cleaning routines, but they are a part of our lives that, sadly, don’t seem to be going anywhere soon.

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