Martin Lloyd Sanders on Staying Safe in Cold Outdoor Environments

Martin Lloyd Sanders is a brave and valiant captain. He protects his countrymen and the services they provide. Specifically, he focuses on making sure that the health and safety of workers is maintained at all times. One of the things he has focused on in particular as of late, is the need of workers who are in outdoor environments, which is often very difficult and different to other types of environments.

Martin Lloyd Sanders on the Health and Safety Needs of Outdoor Workers

There are many people who have to work outdoors regardless of the weather. This includes military personnel, emergency workers, forestry workers, and so on. The reality is that the human body is no longer equipped with protection against cold exposure in particular, which is why Martin Lloyd Sanders believes there should be a commitment to the health and safety of people who do work outdoors. Specifically, he feels there is a need for greater attention to:

  1. Anyone who works outdoors must have the right footwear, thereby protecting themselves. If floors or lakes are frozen, they should not have to work on them without added protection. If they must work outside in these conditions, their boots should have a firm grip with spikes, preventing slippages.
  2. People who work outdoors should also be equipped with the right type of gloves that can protect them from freezing conditions. Gloves can restrict movement of the hands, but, without gloves, someone could end up losing their hands altogether. It is now possible to purchase thin thermal gloves and they should be provided.
  3. Outdoor workers also need thermal underwear, particularly if they are in the elements for lengthy periods. This will ensure they stay warm and that their body heat doesn’t escape. Additionally, thermal underwear provides an extra layer.
  4. Breaks are hugely important. Outdoor workers must be allowed to hydrate and warm up regularly, particularly in difficult conditions.
  5. They should be given hats for when they aren’t wearing hard hats on site. If hard hats are a necessity, they could be lined with thermal insulation. Indeed, Martin Lloyd Sanders recommends thermal insulated balaclavas, which can be worn under a hard hat.
  6. All clothing must be appropriate. Jackets should be military grade, even if the workers aren’t in the military. They should also wear trousers made of heavier, warmer materials. The shirts should have long sleeves and they should wear jumpers and, where necessary body warmers as well.

Martin Lloyd Sanders has spent his career as a captain standing up for the brave men and women under and alongside him. His goal is to make sure they are safe and protected at all times, and that their health is paramount to all that they do. He believes this to be necessary to ensure they can do their job properly. This is true for all outdoor workers, regardless of the type of industry they are in. They are outside for the good of the community and they need to be respected for that.

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