Practical Guide to Maintaining Your Office Space

Many people consider the office as their second home because of the amount of time that they spend working there every day. It is essential that you do everything to make it a comfortable place where employees can be productive. Having a nice, clean and professional looking office is always part of the expectation. Here are some tips on how to turn your office into a haven for your co-workers.

Make sure that your office is always clean

A clean looking office makes employees feel more inspired to come to work every day. Everyone should take equal responsibility in making sure that the office is clutter-free at the end of each working day. You can place trashcans at every desk, so there is no excuse for people not to clean their desks. Most offices have thick, plush carpets. Although they are nice looking and comfortable to walk on, they are also excellent at trapping dust and dirt particles. Consider hiring professionals in commercial cleaning London offers, to make sure that every corner of the workplace remains spick and span and there are no foul odours emanating from the carpets and other areas.

Replace old furniture

Make a thorough inspection of your office furniture and equipment and replace any damaged item that may cause accidents and bigger problems in the future. You should also replace old chairs because they are uncomfortable, and they cause back pain and posture problems.

Invest in filing cabinets and pedestals

All paperwork, documents, contracts, receipts and even employee records should be filed and kept in filing cabinets for easier access. Personalised pedestals should also be assigned to each employee so that they can secure and organise their office and personal stuff such as bags, wallets and cell phones to avoid any unnecessary clutter on the desk, making the office more professional looking.

Assign a custodian to take charge of all the office supplies

One of the common issues in the workplace is missing and misplaced office equipment and supplies. To prevent this from happening you can give each employee their supplies such as stapler, scissors, punches, pens and notebooks and make them accountable.

Do not eat at your workstation

If you want your office to be free from pests and rodents, establish a general rule that nobody is allowed to bring food and drink to their workstations. Crumbs and other food particles can attract pests that can cause bigger problems in the future. Build a small pantry with a small sink and a trash bin where everyone can eat and drink.

Paint the walls with light colours

A simple paint job creates a significant impact on the overall appearance of your workplace. It makes the place look refreshing and welcoming. A good atmosphere dramatically affects the mood and attitude of the employees. An excellent looking office also increases your chances of winning over new clients. This is especially true when you get to impress them with the appearance of your office since it is a direct reflection of your company.


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