Preparing for the Arrival of a Live-in Care Provider

You have finally decided that it is in your best interest to hire a live-in care provider for your ageing loved one. It is a great decision since you are no longer considering sending them away to a nursing facility. You will stay with them and they won’t have to make adjustments.

In no time, the care agency will send the person who will stay with you throughout the duration of the contract that you have signed. Of course, you need to pay them for their services. In return, they will help you in taking care of your loved one. They will also see to it that they are given the appropriate medical assistance especially if they have serious illnesses.

Since you are welcoming someone into your family, you need to be fully prepared for the arrival. There are things you need to do not just because you are expecting someone to arrive, but because it is a part of what you have agreed upon.

Their personal space

They won’t work round the clock and they also need to rest. As such, it is important for them to have their own space. This allows them to just rest whenever they want. Even if they stay at home, this job can be very demanding. Giving them some time to rest allows them to avoid feeling burnt out. They will also not quit the job easily because they think that their privacy and space are respected.

It is best to give them their own space which is not the same as that of the rest of the family. This is not to say that you are discriminating against them. You just want them to feel like they have their own world apart from work. They can live in the ground floor room or in a totally different lot just next to your home. There must also be toilet facilities available. It is not important to fully decorate the room. As long as the basic needs are provided, they will be enough.

Wi-Fi connection

Most of these care providers are younger professionals. They will enjoy having a Wi-Fi connection, so they can still feel like they are a part of the outside world. Being secluded from their family and friends is already difficult enough. Without the internet, they will most likely give up.

Orientation day

You need to provide orientation to this person on day one. Show him or her around your place and where to find things and how to contact people. He or she should be introduced to the patient and be allowed to get to know each other. The medical history should also be given to the care provider for further analysis. Everything must be clear right from the start. If there are questions, they must be addressed immediately.

Now, you are all set to welcome a new addition to the family.


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