Pros and Cons of Gas Central Heating Systems

A central heating system is something that you cannot live without, especially during the winter season. If you’re moving to a new home, having a new one built or you’re thinking about having your old furnace replaced, a gas boiler is one of your choices. Most homes in the UK use a gas central heating system for keeping their houses warm.

Like any other type of heating system, a gas central heating system also has its pros and cons. It’s best that you learn about these advantages and disadvantages so you can weigh your options properly and determine if it’s indeed the right option for you. To help you in making your decision, we have listed the pros and cons of a gas central heating system.

The Pros

One of the advantages of using a gas central heating system in your home is that the ongoing cost is cheaper compared to an electric system. The kilowatt per hour cost is lower so your bill will also be lower.

Another positive thing about this system is that it heats water quicker than electric systems. You don’t have to wait for a long time to get the temperature of the home warmer or water heated, which means convenience and comfort.

A gas system can also be controlled more easily than one that is run by electricity. A thermostat must be installed to work with your gas central heating system. It will then monitor the temperature and automatically turn it on or turn it off depending on the temperature that you set.

The Cons

There are also downsides to using a gas central heating system. While the cost for the kilowatt per hour usage is cheaper than electric systems, the initial cost of gas boilers is higher than electric boilers. This means that more money is needed for purchasing a gas furnace, although you may get that back from the savings you get on your usage.

You’ll also need to be connected to the gas network to get the gas supply you need for running the gas system. Moreover, pipes need to be installed to run from the gas network to your central heating system at home. Another drawback is that it requires more maintenance compared to an electric heating system, which means added cost.

Weigh the pros and cons mentioned before making your final decision if you wish to have a gas central heating system installed at home. If you decide to go for it, it’s also important that you hire a professional gas engineer London offers, to perform the installation. Gas safe registered engineers are qualified to do this type of work and ensure that it’s done properly for the complete safety of your family and home.

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