Robert Mims Memphis Provides Tips for Women on Choosing a Golf Club

Generally speaking, a golf club is made for men. The problem with this is that it can be difficult for a woman to have good golf clubs, and even harder for her to build an entire set. The foundation of golf is based on the concept that it was a man’s sport, but that has now changed. Yet, the accepted standard guideline for the construction of clubs is still based on the physical requirements of men. Robert Mims Memphis aims to change this, however.

Robert Mims Memphis on Clubs for Women

As a CFO from Louisville, Robert Mims has seen time and time again that the gender divide is becoming smaller. This was confirmed in a community report launched in August that in some areas, women were as likely as men to go to university, but as likely as men to face and arrest because they shoplift. Of course, the fact that women are in the news as often, are fired as often, steal as often, and are cited for good and bad things as often as men, has little to nothing to do with golf. However, it does illustrate that it is about time women had the same opportunities as men in the leisure sector as well.

In general, women will have the best results if they use light, shafted, graphite golf sets. Additionally, women should generally have shorter clubs, preferably by around one inch. Certain manufacturers, such as Confidence, GolfGirl, and Prosimmon Golf have started to develop lines of clubs specifically for women. They include hybrids, irons, and woods. These clubs have different weights and lengths, specific to the female anatomy. Other than these clubs, however, women often find themselves forced to use either senior or junior clubs, which are not quite fit for purpose. And, unfortunately, the aforementioned clubs that are made specifically for women are often very expensive, which is another significant barrier to overcome.

Some of the most accepted brands specific for women are:

  • The Tour Edge lady golf club set.
  • The Wilson Lady Pro Staff Petite full set.
  • The Adams Lady golf club complete sets.
  • The Ladies Callaway golf complete clubs set.
  • The Lady Selene full set.
  • The GolfGirl FWS golf club complete sets.

These are some of the best brands on the market today for women and are recommended by professional golfers across the world.

That said, Robert Mims Memphis believes that an even better option is for women to purchase custom made golf clubs. While it is certainly true that these sets are even more expensive, they do guarantee that they are right for the individual. It is important to check, in either case, the club’s base material, its length and its weight. Furthermore, women should practice with every club before agreeing to buy one. Naturally, the most important thing of all is to have fun and actually enjoy a game of golf. If you love the sport, you will enjoy it even with the worst clubs possible.

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