Sandy Petrocelli: Home Electrical Issues That are Serious

Electricity is at the center of our lives allowing us to enjoy the quality of life we have grown accustomed to for many years. Its role in enhancing the comfort and convenience we enjoy cannot be overstated. In fact, to really appreciate how much we depend on electricity, wait until there is a power outage and pay attention to how little you can actually get done.

This is why every homeowner or apartment dweller like Sandy Petrocelli must make sure that the electrical system in their home is working in proper order and has been serviced regularly. The electrical system typically has few if any problems, but when there are problems some need you full attention. Here is a list of issues that require the attention of a professional electrician. If you run up against any of them, call a professional.

Fluctuating Electrical Bills

Every home will have electric bills that fluctuate to some degree, even if you use the same basic amount of electricity every month. You can usually expect a five percent price fluctuation without using more electrical appliances, this is just the nature of electrical systems. However if you electric bill and corresponding power usage fluctuates twenty or more percent in a month you may have a problem with power surges or another electrical issue.

In the event of an unusually large fluctuating bill, you need to immediately call and electrician and have him test your system. He can diagnose why your bills diverge and how to repair the situation.

Circuit Breakers Keep Tripping

Circuit breakers are installed within an electrical circuit to allow for there to be a warning that there is a problem. They will “trip” or cut the electricity when there is a problem alerting you that something is wrong in the system. If the circuit breaker continues to trip constantly, there is a problem that may be severe. Problems can include that there is an electrical overload which can start a fire. So you need to call an electrician to find out where the problem is and repair it.

Power Loss to One or All Areas of Your Home

The intensity of the electricity should be consistent to all areas of your home. So if you are getting less or fluctuating power to an area of your home, there is a problem. It could be that a circuit or other part of the system is damage and needs to be replaced. You need a professional on site to diagnose what is wrong and repair it.

Noises or Burning Electrical Smell in the Electrical Panel

Your home’s electrical panel will when operating properly only contained closed circuits and never make any noises or emit smells. If you detect either, there is a serious problem that could turn into a fire. This is an emergency situation and you should call an electrician and explain what is happening. The electrician will advise you on how to deal with the situation until he can arrive. In any case proceed with caution,

Electricity can be very helpful or it can be extremely dangerous. When there is an electrical problem in your home take it seriously and call a professional immediately.

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