Some Simple and Easy Ways to Create the Perfect Vintage-Style Home

Creating a vintage-style home, even if you do have a modern, newly-built abode, can be accomplished. It need not be that difficult to give your home the vintage style and theme that you want, and it need not be too expensive, either. With a few unique touches and some decorating ‘magic,’ you can transform your home’s rooms into cosy, warm, and inviting areas that are perfect to relax in and which your guests will be impressed with.


Optimise the beauty of wood

When we talk about vintage, most people would think about wooden flooring, wood plank walls, or wooden furniture and decorative pieces. And this is what makes a vintage-style home truly stand out. If you want your home to be vintage through and through, optimise the beauty of wood. Yes, installing wooden flooring and paneling might be expensive, and if you can’t do this, you can do the next best thing – decorate your home with wooden furnishings and wooden furniture when you can. A vintage-style table – whether it’s a dining table, a simple side table, or a console table – in reclaimed wood would be perfect, for instance. Place wooden frames on tables and walls, preferably with antique-style drawings or prints. A wooden bench or dresser in a vintage theme and style would be a great choice as well. When using wood, don’t opt for a glossy finish – opt for a finish that is as natural as possible, showcasing the wood grain to its maximum effect.

Use reclaimed materials

As previously mentioned, reclaimed materials can really add that particular vintage touch to your home. If you are buying furniture and various end pieces, you can opt for vintage homeware and reclaimed materials that have simply been restored, such as the above-mentioned wooden benches, antique chairs that have been re-upholstered and painted, and even reclaimed window frames and doors.

Go for subtle colours and hues

To further add to the vintage theme and style of your home, you can also go for subtler, more muted colours and hues, especially on your walls and ceilings. Having your walls painted in a light, neutral, and earthy colour and tone can add to that nostalgic, vintage look. If you are having your walls painted by a professional painter, tell them to ‘thin’ the paint. This is when the paint is applied in such a way that it looks like weathered, older wood from a distance. If the paint is applied in the normal way, it would look too ‘solid’, making your home look too ‘new.’

Select your lighting fixtures carefully

You can also add to the vintage look and theme of your home with well-chosen lighting fixtures. Rather than opting for stark lighting, opt for chandeliers, vintage-style lamps, and wall lighting sconces. For a more striking look, you can even make use of accent lighting such as marquee lights and the like.

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