Some Top Tips for Enhancing Your Airbnb Property

Having your property listed on Airbnb is probably one of your best ideas when it comes to earning extra income – with an Airbnb listing, your property can certainly gain some lucrative profits. Airbnb has certainly changed the way a lot of individuals travel, whether they are travelling for business or for pleasure. And if you’re in a popular location (such as London or Paris), then your Airbnb property can definitely attract some good attention. But how can you really make sure that your Airbnb property gets as many bookings as possible? Here are some top tips for enhancing your Airbnb property and its bookings.

Have a reasonable price

Having a reasonable price will always get you far on Airbnb. That’s the main reason why many travellers opt for Airbnb over traditional hotels, after all. So how can you determine if you have a reasonable price? How can you set the pricing of your property so that it attracts guests? What you can do is check out similar listings in your area and determine the average price for these listings. Then you will already have an idea of what price to offer.

You may also do well to start low if you are just starting out. If you have only just joined Airbnb, what you want is to get as many bookings as possible, and one way to do this would be to offer a lower price. This will help you get more reservations, more reviews, and more trip registrations, which results in a good place in search results.

Don’t be too strict at the beginning

One other thing you can do in order to get many bookings – especially if you are just starting out – is to not be too strict. This essentially means being friendly and approachable, of course, but it also means offering cheaper cleaning fees, house rules that are not too restrictive, and a cancellation policy that’s not too strict, either. Once you have received more bookings and are one of the top hosts, you can always change your policies and set higher standards. The point is to get as many bookings as possible from the beginning, so you can achieve more popularity as a cool Airbnb host.

Be ready with a quick response

Although you’re not required to respond right away if there is an enquiry, it also pays to be ready with a quick response. Guests have been shown to be pleasantly surprised if they receive a response within just a few minutes, as nobody expects it. Even if you just send a generic response such as ‘Thank you for your enquiry/interest’ and tell the prospective guest that you will give them more detailed information in an hour, a quick response gives the right impression.

One more thing: you can also promote your Airbnb listing through social media channels such as Facebook or a search engine like Google. It’s worth investing in a good SEO campaign or developing a good website or page with the help of experts in easy Airbnb management services which can offer a variety of services, from helping create a more inviting profile to professional photography, housekeeping, setting the right daily prices for your property, and more.

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