The Most Important Role of a Consultant in Town Planning for Your Proposed Development

When it comes to property development, there are those who are experts in urban and town planning – and they play an essential role. Planning a real estate development, especially in regard to towns and urban areas, can be a tricky and complex endeavour, and you will need all the help you can get. Town planning and urban planning consultants are often an invaluable asset for any property planning and development scheme, as they not only have the necessary knowledge and expertise – they also have the experience necessary to understand how the entire process works.

Some town planning and urban planning consultants may have even worked or been employed by the actual area or town where you are planning a development project, and this may give you some additional leeway as well. But what is really the most important role of a consultant in town planning for your proposed development? Let’s find out.

Give you detailed and expert feedback

A town and urban planning consultant will be able to give you detailed and expert feedback during the beginning of the design process, especially in regard to your compliance with the local council and governmental regulations. By being involved in the process early on, the town and urban planning consultant can give you an idea of what you need to do – and they can even save you money in the long-term by giving you the chance to change or re-do your plans from the beginning, before any other costs have been incurred or before the project is already underway.

Ensure compliance

The town and urban planning consultant can also be responsible for pre-empting any potential issues or problems by helping you address the expectations of the council or the local government authority. They will make sure that you are able to lodge whatever documentation is required, especially when it comes to planning regulations and planning permission.

Handle additional objections and requests

Another crucial role played by the town and urban planning consultant is to act as your advocate if there are any objections and requests forwarded by the local council or authority. If a council asks for more details and information, for instance, the consultant can prepare the proper responses as well as give advice to your architect on the redrafting of plans when necessary.

In addition, the town planning consultant can serve as your representative during mediations if required, since their expertise places them in the unique position of knowing the legislation as well as the objectors’ rights and your own rights as an applicant for a permit as well.

Choosing a town and urban planning consultant

When considering a consultant for your development project, you have to choose wisely. It would be a good idea if they can answer some specific questions you may have, such as which council will be making the decision on your project, and what kind of experience they may have with project applications in that specific authority. Good planning consultants should be able to give you an estimate of how long the process will take and how best to deal with local councils and authorities to achieve the best outcome for your development.

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