The pleasures of the Mediterranean

The UK is an island nation. It is natural that its citizens like the sea. It was the reason why Britain was able to create an empire. We are seafarers by nature and traditionally holidays by the sea were the number one choice of many families. Nowhere is too far away from the sea and playing in the sand and splashing in the sea was an ideal holiday for children who never seemed to feel too cold.  On a real sunny day people flocked to the beach.

In the days of exploration, the main rivals that we faced were also keen on the sea; the Dutch, Spanish and Portuguese. We travelled the world and brought back riches that increased the wealth of Europe.


The difference between the sea around the UK and the Netherlands and those of the Mediterranean is the temperature and the hours of guaranteed sunshine. It was natural when air travel expanded that we would decide that the real way to enjoy sun, sea and sand was to fly south to the Mediterranean. It wasn’t too far away by air and road travel was becoming increasingly frustrating as more people owned a car.


When I went on my Spain holiday I liked the yachts

Image attributed to Wikimedia Konstantin


There are many marinas around the British coast and sailing is a popular pastime. Indeed few countries can compete with the British when it comes to competition. However, for the casual amateur like me, I prefer warmer days, a warm sea and a nice beach on which to relax. Where there is sea there is a breeze so it was not a matter of being becalmed.

When i went on my spain holidays it was because I wanted to be certain that there would be the chance for the whole family to enjoy themselves simply playing in the sea, sun bathing or perhaps doing some water sports while I enjoyed sailing. I certainly wasn’t disappointed; it was everything I had hoped for with excellent sailing conditions.

Internet booking

There is plenty of accommodation on the Costa del Sol to choose from and I was able to book that online as well as planning my sailing. It’s so easy to go on the World Wide Web and find out everything you need to know. The whole family can be involved in looking at the places that interest them and the activities that each destination offers.

I found a good website and a company that was able to help me with everything I needed. While the Internet cannot quite replicate the service of a local High Street travel agent, there is always someone on hand to talk to and you are able to take your own time over a decision without leaving your armchair in the lounge. You are completely in control.

Online booking is a straightforward process and your private financial details are completely secure. You receive a confirmation email on the things you have booked including flights, accommodation and any rentals you may have decided upon while you are there. It is something to lighten the gloom of a cold winter’s night.

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