Tips and tricks for finding home furnishing deals

Your property is your palace, so it’s only natural that you spend countless hours creating a home that is appealing and comfortable. While redecorating a house can be a bit of an upheaval, purchasing new furniture has the potential to create brand new rooms relatively painlessly, as long as you have the budget to source the items of your dreams.

Indeed, replacing sofas, dining room furniture, white goods, and bedroom accessories can be among the most expensive jobs you’ll undertake around the home. How can you furnish your home in a style you adore without breaking the bank?

Thankfully, there are numerous ways you can source and purchase new home furnishings for a fraction of the cost you’d usually expect. You might even discover that there are some clever ways to revamp and reimagine existing items to create a completely new, unique look. The home of your dreams is just a hop, skip, and a jump away. Are you ready to harness your inner homemaker?

If so, just take a look at these hints and tips.

Don’t shy away from second-hand items

Perhaps the most obvious choice for getting a good furniture deal is to head to second-hand stores, thrift shops, vintage outlets, and flea markets. Whether you’re hitting the streets or heading to an online auction site, some of the very best deals are hidden in these treasure troves. Are you looking for a real bargain? Signing up for a local pre-loved site or monitoring the classified ads of community websites or publications could land you with the items of your dreams for a fraction of the cost – or even for free.

Explore the art of upcycling

We told you it might be time to get creative. Not every item that you source from a second-hand store or vintage outlet is going to be to your liking; that’s one of the compromises that you make when you choose to buy pre-loved goods. However, this scenario isn’t a bad one at all, particularly if you’re handy with a needle and thread, creative with a paintbrush, or you happen to know an upholsterer. Indeed, you could create some truly stunning pieces if you put your mind to it. Moreover, upcycling is a process that can be carried out on your own furniture, breathing new life into items without you having to hit the shops at all.

Embrace online shopping

Online shopping is an incredibly popular way to buy all kinds of goods. While retail outlets often have large overheads, including staffing costs and venue maintenance, their online counterparts tend to cost far less to run, and the savings are passed on to you! Indeed, buying furniture online will usually save you money before you’ve really started browsing – least of all because your car will stay firmly in the driveway.

There are some truly spectacular online retailers out there, with outlets such as Sofa beds NZ  offering a vast array of furniture and homeware items at a fraction of the price you’d expect. Be sure to look out for free and low shipping offers, too.

Scour the sales

If you’re not particular about when you begin your search, you could find yourself saving a small fortune simply by getting your timing right. For example, did you know that July is a great time to shop for furniture? While Christmas and January sales are traditionally the best times to look for larger, more costly items, it’s well worth heading into stores as the summer lines are released because they’ll want to shift their end-of-season stock. Many furniture and homeware retailers release new products in August as the summer draws to a close, so the traditionally quieter July is the perfect time to head to the shops.

Head to the warehouse or outlet

Let’s say you’ve fallen in love with a sofa. It’s everything you’ve been looking for in a new sofa, but it happens to be outside of your price range. What are you going to do? Warehouse and outlet stores can be lifesavers in circumstances such as this, selling off branded items for far less than their big-name counterparts. These kinds of venues are designed to offer a no-frills shopping experience, which means that warehouses are often piled high with large volumes of stock nearing the end of its season. These kinds of stores are generally fuss-free, saving you time, stress, and a pocket full of cash.

Remember to ask about loyalty schemes

Joining a retailer’s loyalty scheme is a little like registering for an emailed newsletter or shopping with a hypermarket reward card; there are several furniture retailers undertaking such schemes at the moment. Each time you shop with participating retailers, you could have a chance of earning money off your next purchase or winning coupons that will save you a dollar or two the next time you’re in need of larger, more expensive items. Not every retailer will offer such a scheme, but those that do are worth their weight in gold – or throw pillows.

Ask for a better deal

An old saying warns: “If you don’t ask, you don’t get.” This is certainly true for furniture shopping, when you could just stumble upon a great deal if you’re bold enough to ask. Is there a used display model you could take off the retailer’s hands? Have they had any brand new, faultless models returned that you could claim a discount on? It’s even worth asking for free shipping at this point; you really don’t know what offers a store is likely to accept unless you begin bartering. These days, too many of us are afraid to ask for a little money off or for an incentive to shop with a particular brand again. What’s the worst the retailer could say?

Of course, this list isn’t exhaustive. You could find a dozen more ways that you can refurnish and reimagine your home if you really put your mind to it. Take the issue of brand names, for example; if you’re able to avoid furnishing and accessorizing your home with well-known designers and brands, you’re likely to see significant savings immediately. The same goes for bright colors, expensive materials, and patterns. As neutral furniture tends to be more popular and easy to get a hold of, it’s generally far cheaper than its decorative and bespoke cousins. As you can see, furnishing your home for a fraction of the price could be much easier than you first imagined!

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