Tips for Making the Most Out of a Study Trip

Study trips are worth it because you don’t just have fun visiting the places and creating lasting moments with your classmates and friends. These trips are also educational. You will learn things that you will never learn when you are just inside the class. You might have read information online, but it is not enough for you to feel excited about what you are learning. Being in the place and doing the activity is even better. The only thing you need to remember though is that you should make the most of this experience. It will only be meaningful if you engage.

Ask questions

If you visit museums or significant landmarks with a tour guide, don’t miss the chance to ask questions. There are things that you might want to clarify. You might also have information that is relevant to the conversation. Besides, the information you read online might be incomplete and this is your chance to get more details.

Experience the activities

It also helps if you really get involved and do the things asked of you. If you are asked to join a traditional cooking session, give it a try. If you are asked to speak with foreigners who barely speak English, give it a try. Some activities might be optional, but you will learn more if you immerse and engage. Don’t just stand on the side to watch and take photos. This is an opportunity you might not have again, so you might as well do it.

Research the place in advance

When you are joining a trip through your school, everything might be prepared for you. They will decide what activities to do on day 1 and so on. You just have to follow the lead. This is a good thing but it can also be a limited experience. There might be other places that are accessible worth visiting. Go to these places after asking for permission. You know about these places because you have done your research and you know that you will learn a lot as you head there.

Interact with the locals

This is a good way to practice another language, interact with people of a different culture and understand their ways. If you have the time, walk on the streets or buy from food stalls. You will realise that they are also interested in interacting with you and love to hold long conversations. In this short amount of time, you will learn things you won’t learn by just reading history and sociology books.

You can join a studierejse or a study trip and come home empty-handed. If you decide to really engage and experience every opportunity presented to you, it would be better.


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