Top 5 Reasons Why Vietnamese Cuisine is Worth Trying

Have you ever tried dining in a Vietnamese restaurant before? If no, then perhaps it is best if you give it a try. All around London, there are a lot of authentic Vietnamese restaurants that will most definitely satisfy your palate. If you haven’t yet been convinced to give them a try, here are some of the reasons why you should.


Healthy ingredients

If there is one thing that you will notice with Vietnamese dishes, it is the fact that they are mostly filled with vegetables. From the noodle soup to the spring rolls, there are different vegetables that can be found in them. For those who are health conscious, it is a perfect option. Even if you eat a lot, you know that you won’t destroy your diet plan.


There are so many dishes to choose from. Whether you want something dry or with soup, there is always a Vietnamese dish that suits you. There are bite size snacks that you can munch on and there are meat-heavy dishes too.

Neutral taste

When you try dishes from around the world, you realize that there is always a distinct flavour in each one of them. For instance, Mexican foods are very heavy on salsa or anything that has a strong taste and smell. Indian foods are usually curry based or filled with garlic. Thai dishes are extremely spicy. They are an acquired taste and take a lot of getting used to. Vietnamese dishes, on the other hand, appeal to people from different parts of the world. There is no strong taste. Everything is mild and refreshing.


If you are into food presentation, then you will most likely enjoy Vietnamese dishes. Due to the presence of vegetables, herbs and spices, they look really enticing when placed on your dining table. For those who love taking food selfies, this is a great choice for you.

Light on the stomach

You will notice that even if you eat a lot of Vietnamese dishes, you won’t feel like you have eaten a lot. This is because of the ingredients used. The servings also come in smaller containers. You might even find yourself going back to a Vietnamese restaurant London offers over and over again because of how much you love the taste of what you eat.

In short, it is high time to give Vietnamese restaurants a try. As soon as you taste one dish, you will be curious to taste everything that is available. Rest assured, when you are in London, you won’t run out of great restaurants to choose from. From fancy restaurants to more authentic Vietnamese-style restaurants, there will always be one that fits your taste.

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