Why top business leaders love Sitelock

If you have been looking for a security solution for your newly launched web business, it helps to look at what the big boys are using to defend themselves from the worst of the internet.

Judging from Sitelock Reviews, it appears that this cloud computing based security program is the best of the lot.

Unconvinced? Read on below to see why top business leaders can’t get enough of Sitelock.

CEO’s love Sitelock because…

Out of all the business leaders that sing the praises of Sitelock, none are more important than CEO’s. Why? As the leaders of their respective enterprises, the moves that they make play a huge role in determining whether or not their companies succeed in the long run.

When a CEO looks at what Sitelock can do for a company, they see the seal of protection as a tool that they can use to drive customer growth and retention.

If you were a consumer, and you had a choice between a website that was protected against external threats, and one with no such assurance, where would you take your business?

Because this service provides security from malware threats, it guarantees a safe and secure visitor experience, thereby giving the customer a reason to trust a CEO’s company over the competition.

In the long run, Sitelock is a tool that can help a company increase its market share, inevitably leads to an increase in stock prices and happy shareholders.

CMO’s love Sitelock because…

With Sitelock, the CMO of a company can acquire a program with a brand recognition that will get them accolades from their colleagues and higher-ups simply by installing the software.

Despite this superficial benefit, it allows them to take care of the internet security portion of their mandate without having to get deep into the nitty gritty of this subject, as Sitelock takes care of the heavy lifting.

If they are responsible for driving better conversion rates, installing Sitelock will provide the assurance for visitors that will help boost these numbers for a minimum amount of effort.

Finally, with the statistics that Sitelock provides, CMO’s can make adjustments to their operations that can improve the ROI for their efforts, which in turn will make them look better during their annual evaluations.

CTO’s love Sitelock because…

Of all the chief executives in a company, the CTO’s usually have the greatest things to say about Sitelock, as they are intimately involved in providing web security solutions for the company that employs their services.

The cloud computing functionality that Sitelock is built on is well-loved for its ease of use, and for its forward-thinking defense capabilities against the more robust DDoS attacks that have been sweeping the web in recent months.

The services that Sitelock provides also comply with the security protocols that many CTO’s swear by, making this program easy to trust when it comes to finding one that can adequately defend the web properties for which they are responsible.

With a long list of security threats that Sitelock protects against (from XSS attacks to SQL injections), it ticks a lot, if not all, of the boxes that CTO’s are looking for when seeking a comprehensive piece of security software.

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