Your Essential Guide to Choosing the Right Boiler for Your Needs

A modern home or business is equipped with all sorts of gadgets and appliances which make our lives better. Often, we don’t think about how useful these appliances and gadgets really are – we take it for granted that we have them and that we benefit from them. But once these gadgets and appliances break down, we’re suddenly left with a problem on our hands, and we then realise how much we have come to rely on them. The same is true for your boiler – you’ve got so used to it that if it breaks down and needs to be replaced, it’s nerve-wracking. Thankfully, there are some very efficient boilers nowadays, and all it takes is a bit of research so that you can choose the right one. Here’s your essential guide to choosing the right boiler for your needs.

Deciding which is best

There are two popular types of boilers from which you can choose: the combination boiler, and the system boiler, although there is also the conventional boiler. Combi boilers are more popular because they are not only easy to install but compact as well. With a combi boiler, you don’t need to have a storage cylinder for water, since the water is taken directly from the mains line. System boilers are ideal for larger places, since they have the capacity to give hot water from different taps at the same time.

More on combi boilers

Boiler installation specialists will tell you that combi boilers are suitable for smaller locations, and they are more affordable than other boiler types. When choosing to have a combi boiler, it would be best to have a pipe which is more than 22mm, so the water pressure is good. If the pipe is too small or narrow, the performance of the boiler can be affected.

More on system boilers

System boilers, on the other hand, are suitable for larger locations and work by storing water in a storage cylinder. With a system boiler, you don’t need to have a cistern, and the vessel for expansion is already built in. The rate of flow with a system boiler is often high, since the water is taken from the mains. If the system is overused, you may run out of water, however, so be mindful of this as well.

More on conventional boilers

There are also regular or conventional boilers which usually serve as replacements for locations with heating systems which are open-vented. They work much like system boilers in that they store water and need a separate cylinder. Conventional boilers can be more expensive than combi or system boilers, and they are more complex when it comes to installation since they need more pipework and components, although they’re ideal for power showers and the water flowing from the taps has a good flow. Happy choosing!

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