Is the Proposed European Super League A Good Idea?

European football has always been one of the most coveted competitions to win with many having the desire to play in the Champions League which is possibly the hardest club football competition in the world. However, there has been some talk for a couple years now for a couple season that a proposed European Super League might scrap the Champions League together and our thoughts are below,



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From a clubs standing point, it seems as if the English sides that are in contention to be signed up to the European Super League and that they would back joining the league. They see it as a different way to be able to play all the best sides in Europe, rather than having a knock-out competition and it would certainly be of financial benefit as it says above in the tweet.


From a fans point of view, it seems that the majority of us are against the idea of European football becoming a league and we much prefer the idea of the knockout stages where we have been blessed with some of the greatest matches in the history of the sport during Champions League knockout rounds. Further to this, if it is a league, we won’t be blessed with a final to look forward to and will all be done on a points system which also take always the fun of the cup. And finally, the Champions League is one of the most prestigious and iconic trophies of all time with many players from the modern era including Cristiano Ronaldo winning the trophy five times and to see it scrapped one be a tragedy in our eyes.



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