A Look at the Serious Environmental and Economic Effects of Improper Waste Disposal

A new wave of environmental consciousness has hit us – internationally. It was cemented with the Paris agreement and though in some countries political will is still lacking, it’s still a huge step forward. It’s all about reducing our carbon footprint by going into renewable energy. It’s a great project and companies are jumping behind it like crazy. However, there’s something that needs to be addressed – something equally, if not more, important: the need to dispose of waste properly. There will be waste, no matter how much new technology we employ, and we need to know what to do with it. Don’t believe it’s a serious matter? Here’s a look at the serious environmental and economic effects of improper waste disposal.

The environmental effects are obvious

Just think back to a couple of decades ago, and remember what grandfather used to burn in the back. Think of that on a large scale. Think about burying garbage, burning it, tossing it wherever. The effects are obvious, and can be measured in different ways:

  • Water. Rain, having fallen on waste, gets contaminated, seeps into the ground, and eventually ends up in rivers.

  • Soil. Before the rain ends up in rivers, however, it seeps into the ground. This could have very dire consequences for the quality of the soil and all that grows and lives in it.

  • Air. If it burns, it pollutes the air, and this leads to a large number of people potentially feeling negative effects in terms of health – respiratory problems are common.

  • Chemicals everywhere. One chemical may be okay, but some chemicals, in combination, are deadly.

The economic effects are real

Less obvious to the layman, but equally measurable and demonstrable are the effects it has on the economy. Just a few examples:

  • Cleaning up. Without prevention, it becomes a very expensive proposition to clean it all up.

  • Reduced jobs. Taking care of rubbish means providing jobs in many sectors.

Actually, any logical person can see why getting rid of waste the proper way through the right waste collection method is beneficial not only for us as a community, but for you and I as individuals as well. It’s all about solving a problem that is caused by all of us, and whose solution will benefit all of us as well. Think about what would happen if everyone just disobeyed the rules and regulations – or if there were no rules and regulations in place. Or, on a more positive note, think about what would happen if all of us were to do the right thing. It’s an easy choice, in the end. It’s about being smart and being able to tell our grandchildren that we started solving the problem.

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