[Software] EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard ! One key to Restore the Deleted Data (WIN / MAC)

I have always had a habit, when the memory card is inserted into the camera, I will be formatted the memory card , and if NG when shooting, will also be deleted pictures directly, so as not more photos more. When shooting is completed and then select the pictures in the computer. Although this is a good habit, but it is also a bad habit, once forgot to copy the memory card photos when delete or format, that’s going to be a big trouble. And recently because of forget back up, I formatted the memory card . The memory card has been removed when I reacted .

So I search a lot of ways on the Internet, finally found a super powerful memory card recovery software- EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard , EaseUS is not unfamiliar for me , I previously used their partition manager product, not only is quite simple and easy to use. Now even have pushed out data recovery software, and also cross two platforms( WIN /MAC) can be used, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard free offer 2G recover , when recover data more than 2GB you have to pay, will be able to solve the rescue file limit, so when you have happened like me , you can try !

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

Software Name: EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

Applicable platform: WIN / MAC

Software Download:



After the software is installed, and then connect the memory card and the computer, you can see the memory card solution.


Then open the “EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard”, then you can see the free version provides only 2GB of recover.


Select the disk that you want to recover, and then click “scan” after the selection is finished.


At this time will start scanning.


Really powerful, even to find the file one years ago.


You can even change the display mode to thumbnails by clicking the thumbnail button above.


When the scan is complete, select the pictures to be recovered after preview, and then click on the “Recover Now.”


Select the storage location .


Then you will restore the file and restore it to the folder that you just specified.

It’s really amazing mac data recovery software . Photos of one years ago have been saved yet, and EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is not limited to memory cards, general hard disk or portable disk can also be ! So the next time when the deleted file is not available, you can try to us it !

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